Welcome to TCB Engine Development,

For years now, the professional staff at TCB has been working with leading OEM's and the automotive/racing aftermarket to design and test engine technology and related components that will become tomorrow's production answers. As the industry struggles with ever tightening emissions and the trend towards smaller and more fuel efficient engines, once thought of as racer only technology, turbo and supercharging will become the norm.

With this new and advanced technology comes the need to validate its worth outside the view of the OEM and aftermarket. To be successful, all processes must be done in house, without the constraints of outside forces dictating timelines and outcomes. With the freedom to create new working parts and the engines that use them, we are able to move very quickly from initial design/first article to the assembly line/race track. This also allows us to satisfy the most discriminating motorsports customers, the core of TCB engine building for the last 30 years.

We continue to support the dedicated motorsports teams that have helped make TCB their engine builder of choice. Whether drag racing, road racing or off-road, turbo charged on pump gas or blown on methanol, we continue to embrace the motorsports industry with unsurpassed enthusiasm!  Our commitment and promise to all of our customers will confirm TCB's motto of "no limits". Overcoming obstacles with design innovation and dedication, proven one build at a time!