Street Fighter Gen 3 Hemi

TCB Engine Development optimizes the latest Gen 3 Hemi cylinder head for performance Mopar's old & new!

When Mopar released the "Hellcat" to rave review, customers from all over the country began to call for help, asking "how do I" make 700 HP!! TCB answered with "Matched" induction packages for the latest Hemi III engines from Detroit. Supercharged on pump fuel is what most customers are asking for and we've taken the guess work out of the equation. Matching the "right" components is something TCB has been doing for more than 30 years. We'll be posting the parts and videos as we bring these packages from the R&D and dyno room to the sales department!  STOP!! the presses. Fiat/Chrysler has just announced the suspension of the Hellcat Challenger/Charger builds due to the overwhelming demand for those cars. Dealers have apparently over sold what was supposed to be a limited quantity, in addition to taking deposits on oversold cars. Additionally, some dealers have pre-sold cars at 50% over retail due to the shortage/production stoppage. TCB is here to fill the void left by offering "matched induction" packages directly to the consumer that will give owners of Hemi powered late model Challenger/Chargers the 700 H.P. shot in the arm! We will have pricing and install partners available by the time you read this, so call today to get all the inside details!

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