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2015 SS Camaro LS Cylinder Head Upgrade PKG!


 Where do Camaro owners turn for reliable, proven power increases with the confidence that their money was well spent. The "power adder" scenario has become the affordable alternative adopted by most owners and generating the most press in all the current magazines. TCB offers the most complete line of proven and affordable ways to add power and drop E.T.'s Stage 1 combines heads,intake and induction system tuning with ECM programming. Stage 2 adds proven camshaft design along with either N2O or forced induction to attain the next level of performance. 2016 Camaro ZL1 will retail for more than 60K and make a tad over 500HP. TCB will easily surpass that HP at a fraction of the cost and take your 2015 or earlier Camaro to the extreme, reliably!! Look for timely updates here!

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