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5.9 Common Rail 24V


The ISB build always begins with TCB's "Matched Induction" components. 54mm cam tunnel boring plates in action. Roller bearings will allow higher RPM, increased oil pressure to the mains, and the ability to run larger springs and seat pressure. Add a fully ported, big valve cylinder head with high flowing aftermarket intake manifold and let the "smoke roll"!!


 UPDATED 4/20/15

Cylinder head improvements start with the valve bowl and include larger seats, filled with .125 diameter larger intake valves. Check out...

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Street Fighter Gen 3 Hemi

TCB Engine Development optimizes the latest Gen 3 Hemi cylinder head for performance Mopar's old & new!

When Mopar released the "Hellcat" to rave review, customers from all over the country began to call for help, asking "how do I" make 700 HP!! TCB answered with "Matched" induction packages for the latest Hemi III engines from Detroit. Supercharged on pump fuel is what most customers are asking for and we've taken the guess work out of the equation. Matching the "right" components is something TCB has been doing for more than 30 years....

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Recently Completed Our Land & Sea DYNO Mite™ Dynamometer Installation

All complete engines designed and built by TCB Engine Development undergo preliminary "break-in" followed by extensive tuning. Those results are then documented in the build folder and presented to the customer upon delivery. 

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Street Fighter Stage 1

2015 SS Camaro LS Cylinder Head Upgrade PKG!


 Where do Camaro owners turn for reliable, proven power increases with the confidence that their money was well spent. The "power adder" scenario has become the affordable alternative adopted by most owners and generating the most press in all the current magazines. TCB offers the most complete line of proven and affordable ways to add power and drop E.T.'s Stage 1 combines heads,intake and induction system tuning with ECM programming. Stage 2 adds proven camshaft design along with either N2O or forced induction to attain the next level of...

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